Student Life at LGS Gulberg

There's much more to student life than what goes inside the classroom. LGS Gulberg encourages students to build their academic and social strengths while broadening their experiences through a variety of sporting activities, clubs, societies and events.

Student Representation

Every year, student council is elected at all four campuses of LGS Gulberg Network. The council members represent the interests of the student body to the school management and participate in event management. Being a part of the student council allows students to develop leadership and communication skills, which are essential for leadership roles in their university and professional lives.

Sports and Games

We offer a wide range of sports and games to participate in. Whether students want to prepare for a sporting event or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have something for everyone. Sports and games lessons are integrated into the timetable till O Level to ensure students develop an active lifestyle. Table tennis, cricket, basketball, football, snooker, swimming and chess are some of the sports and games offered at our campuses.

Clubs and Societies

A multitude of student clubs and societies are established at LGS Gulberg to meet student interests and needs. Clubs are run by students and supervised by the school staff. Debates, drama, media, social welfare, music and sports clubs are some of the popular choices among the students.

Career Counseling

Choosing the correct career path and university programmes can be a challenging task with the pressure of studying. Our career counselors are present on campus to help the students in choosing a career trajectory and relieve them of the mental stress and anxiety. From registering for SATs to applying to universities abroad, our career counselors are there to support the students at every step.

Fitness and Wellbeing

Physical fitness and mental well-being of the students is our utmost priority. Our sporting events and school gymnasium provide an opportunity for the students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether a student is injured or mentally stressed due to the pressure of academics or personal problems, we give them access to help, advice and care. A trained counselor helps the students cope up with the challenges of growing up.

Annual Events

LGS Gulberg hosts a multitude of exciting events annually to reinforce the academic and social skills of the students. The events allow students to showcase their talents and develop lifelong creativity, interpersonal, leadership and management skills. From sporting events to debating championships to recreational events such as concerts and annual drama, we have something that fits every student’s interests.