O Level Programme

The GCE Ordinary (O) Level and IGCSE are among the leading internationally recognized secondary school programmes around the world. The Cambridge O Level curriculum emphasises broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects. It develops learners’ skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving and is structured so they build practical skills and theoretical knowledge. At LGS Gulberg, the O Level programme offers different subject combinations based on the career paths of the students.

About the Campuses

The O Level programme is taught at LGS 15-C/III (Grade 9 and 10) and LGS 14-C/III (Grade 11).

Our students begin their O Level at LGS 15-C/III campus. A dedicated library for secondary school students along with fully equipped science and computer labs ensure that students have the best resources at their disposal to prepare for their O Level examinations.

After Grade 10, the students continue the final year of their secondary school at LGS 14-C/III campus. The students are prepared for the exams be our experienced teachers with a track record of excellent results in Cambridge International Examinations.

A wide range of subjects is offered to our students in O Level, keeping in mind their diverse areas of interest.



Compulsory Subjects

Our O Level Programme consists of 5 compulsory subjects:

  1. English
  2. Urdu
  3. Mathematics
  4. Islamiyat
  5. Pakistan Studies

Elective Subject Combinations

Combination 1: Pre-MedicalPhysicsChemistryBiology
Combination 2: Pre-EngineeringPhysicsChemistryMathematics
Combination 3: Business StudiesBusinessEconomicsPrinciples of Accounts
Combination 4: ComputingPhysicsMathematicsICT


Additional Subjects

Although students are not required to take additional subjects, some of them may want to diversify their knowledge. For this, the students can choose a 9th subject from the following:

  1. Additional Mathematics
  2. Commerce

Examination Schedule

At LGS Gulberg, students take their Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies O Level examination after Grade 10. The rest of the subject exams are attempted at the end of Grade 11.