Regional Head's Message

Lahore Grammar School Gulberg Network is a relatively new addition to the schools in Lahore and our best introduction is that we are not just a school, we are a complete culture. Our ethos and values revolve around personal care, tolerance and inclusion – we wish to create a place where young adults like yourself can feel comfortable in being who you are as individuals.

I am proud to launch the A+ programme in Gulberg because this school is essential embodiment of ideal guiding principles for this level. We are proud to boast unmatched expertise in the form of an excellent faculty, unparalleled facilities and a very warm and caring environment. This programme has been designed in a manner that it will help and guide students through their very challenging courses and steer them towards ability appropriate career choices through a rigorous counseling service. We have a commitment to everyone enrolled with us and we are very confident that A+ is the ideal A Level programme.

Ayesha Aamir 
Regional Head/GM Franchising