Primary Years at LGS Gulberg

The primary school experience at LGS Gulberg Network is designed to stimulate the minds of young learners and promote an inquisitive nature about the world around them. We believe that children learn best when they are encouraged to explore and motivated to learn through an exciting and challenge based curriculum. Therefore, project based and interactive learning are deeply embedded into our curriculum to discourage passive intake of knowledge and encourage critical thinking skills in young learners.

At LGS Gulberg, we have high expectations of all our students both in learning and behaviour, but we understand that all students are not the same. Thus, lessons are planned according to the abilities of students in each class and a variety of teaching strategies are used to ensure student engagement and learning.

About the Campus

The primary years by our students are completed at LGS 39-Main Gulberg Campus.

LGS 39- Main Gulberg (Primary School) is one of the pioneering branches of the Lahore Grammar School network aiming to provide quality education of international standard. Designed as a boys’ school, the branch started operating in 1993 with a relatively small student body till Class VII. Over the years, it has grown tremendously reflecting our unequivocal commitment to education. Today, LGS 39- Main has a student body of over 1000 boys from Prep to Class V.

Cambridge International Primary Programme

For more than a decade, our students have performed exceptionally in CIPP.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoints are international examination papers, designed to help primary level students prepare for middle school by providing comprehensive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in the key curriculum areas – English, Mathematics and Science. At our 39-Main campus, all students take the exams, which are marked by Cambridge and provide an international benchmark for learner performance. Through this standardized testing, we ensure that our students meet the international curriculum targets in these core subjects.


Use of technology for learning is at the core of our teaching framework.

The technological progress in the recent years has changed the way children learn. With most students spending a major portion of their day interacting with technology at home, e-learning allows them to make these interactions productive. In our primary programme, a variety of e-learning resources, such as interactive quizzes, games, educational videos and slideshows, are used to make the process of learning enjoyable for students. We have a built a dedicated Mac Lab in collaboration with Apple Inc. to provide the best e-learning experience to our young students.

LGS 39-Main has always taken the initiative in meeting the diverse needs of its students. From providing support through a child counsellor to introducing e-learning, 39 Main lives up to its core values of offering a customized, well rounded curriculum ensuring preparation of students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.