Middle School at LGS Gulberg

At LGS Gulberg, learning, innovation and creativity are at the heart of middle school years. We aim to nurture young minds by focusing on the intellectual, social and emotional needs of our students. Our Middle School retains the same philosophies practiced in the Primary Years with more emphasis on specialized subject disciplines, while developing greater independence of thought, identity, and value systems. Technology continues to be integrated into all facets of learning at this level. The middle school provides greater opportunities to promote deeper learning. We help them master core content whilst developing critical thinking, collaboration, communication and independent learning skills.

The middle school also functions as a gateway to help students select their career paths early. Therefore, a variety of learning experiences with real life applications are offered to students so they can explore their interests and start thinking about the subjects they will choose in O Levels. Our middle school students are further prepared for the O Level curriculum through the Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations.

About the Campuses

The middle school years are completed at LGS 42-B/III (Grade Vi and VII) and LGS 15-C/III (Grade VIII) campuses.

Our students start their middle school journey at LGS 42-B/III, a campus designed with the needs of young students in mind.  With a dedicated middle school library, swimming pool, auditorium, science and computer labs, the school provides unique spaces to foster learning and physical wellness of the students. The students complete Grades VI and VII at the campus.

After the two years, students enrol in Grade VIII at LGS 15-C/III campus, where they are prepared rigorously for Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations under the supervision of O-Level teachers. This ensures that the middle years culminate with the students being well prepared for the challenges of O-Level curriculum. Furthermore, the middle school students benefit from the resources such as O-Level library and laboratories to acquaint themselves with new ideas.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests are designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary.  They are available in English, English as a second language, mathematics and science, and give valuable feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of education. At LGS Gulberg, students are prepared for the tests from the first year of middle school. By Grade VIII, students are well prepared for the tests, and the results allow our teaching staff to tailor their teaching methodology according to the individual needs of each student.


Use of technology for learning is at the core of our teaching framework.

We believe that technology can play a very positive role in making young learners inquisitive and allow them to develop a love for research and independent thinking. Therefore, we have integrated technology into our curriculum to maximize student engagement. Through the introduction of iPads, availability of multimedia systems in each class and online learning tools such as Edmodo, we ensure that students develop a positive relationship with technology and continue to learn outside of the school as well.

In middle school, our students are provided an opportunity to study, search data, set up goals, design, implement and evaluate their learning according to their interest, aptitude as well as ability. The interactive learning provides them with instant feedback helping them revisit their learning.