About Lahore Grammar School

Four decades of promoting excellence in education.


Lahore Grammar School Private Limited was established in January 1979. The nationalization of educational institutions in 1972 had led to an alarming decline in the standard of instruction and facilities provided in most schools and colleges. Interventions in the realm of education were thus critical to arrest this abysmal state of affairs. In 1978, the Government announced that it would welcome initiatives in the educational sector. Taking advantage of this, a group of women from varied professional backgrounds, including education, with the mutual objective of contributing to this field, decided to set up a school for girls.


A Private Limited Company, jointly owned by eight women, was born. These eight partners comprise the Board of Directors of the Company. The Directors of Lahore Grammar School Private Limited are empowered to outline policies, allocate funds, declare dividends, appoint committees and vote on all vital issues.

Lahore Grammar School system now has 21 branches in Lahore and 50 branches countrywide. Beside the mainstream Lahore Grammar Schools, the company has also runs four school systems across Pakistan, namely: LGS Landmark Project, ILM schools, LES schools and Enterprise School System. Today Lahore Grammar School occupies a pivotal position in the educational setup of Pakistan, setting standards of excellence that remain unprecedented and unparalleled.

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